Falling for Niagara

August 29, 2017

Scorching sun
Burning scalp
Red ponchos
Drenched ones.

My introduction to this post may have sounded as if it was an unenjoyable trip but on the contrary, it was quite the experience! Going to Niagara Falls was one of my bucket list must and to finally check it off is exciting. Just an hour and half drive from Toronto, we rented a car to drive our way to this wonder. If you’re going in a big group, I highly recommend considering this option because it’s convenient otherwise, if solo or with a partner, busing may be the cheaper option.

For about $30, we hopped on a boat to get really close to the falls. If you don’t wish for an untimely shower, you better rock those red ponchos. Flaunt them even more against the Americans in blue on the other side.

Unknown to our knowledge, tickets were valid for three days. So if you’re planning to stay longer and don’t mind the 30 minute wait to get on the boat, a return is definitely an option. There is also a night show that I unfortunately had to miss, but the photos of neon lights flashing against the falls looks promising. I would love to make another visit in the future.

Seeing the falls isn’t the only entertainment to be found here. A 10-minute walk from the cruise’s exit gates, there is a strip of endless restaurant options: from chains to local favourites. If time permits, there are also arcade and haunted houses to visit. I, for one, am not a big fan of paying for a scare. Money is better spent on eating.

Photography by Ria Al-Allawee & Raiza Vasquez

Top: Imperial// Shorts: Free People (similar here)// Sneakers: Adidas Originals

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