A Weekend in Québec City

July 13, 2017

Like sardines in a can on rainy days
Of poor attempts and crazy ways
Cute stalls, plenty of doors
Postcard-like, on Explore.

A first visit to Québec City called for daily exhaustion, depleting my friend and I of all our energy to explore and experience every nook and cranny. The main reason for our visit was to attend Festival d’été de Québec; of which we saw Kendrick Lamar, Nick Jonas and the Backstreet Boys. Between the new from the king of rap, to an old favourite that brought back nostalgic memories, they were nights sure to be remembered. Outside the crowd of
music fans, we enjoyed exploring a tourist must: Old Québec. Despite never setting foot in Europe, I can confirm that Old Québec resembles closely that of the haggis-eating, pasta-loving, macaron-making continent due to its beautiful architecture, cobblestone pathways, and sidewalk cafés. Upon entrance to this alternate world, I swiftly fell in love with its beauty and ambiance; only causing my already growing impatience to Europa even
bigger. As convenient as it was to stumble upon well-known stores, I strongly urge that you enter local boutiques instead. Cool finds are better souvenirs and tell of better stories anyways. Even though Québec locals speak Québecois French as their main language, fear not because most employees in Old Québec are capable of communicating in English. However, if you’re like me and want to practise your French skills, do it here!

Unlucky for us, the rain made our weekend in Québec challenging. Unprepared, I did not bring a raincoat so do not follow my lead and be sure to check the weather before your arrival. There is, however, a quick solution. If you do not wish to spend the extra buck to buy a raincoat, a quick fix of poncho can be bought in Old Québec’s information centre. Bonus: it played well as a mat to sit on when we were waiting for the concert to start.

Different from Alberta, Québec summers are more humid so apporte some breathable pieces. My cami and culottes number proved to be a better choice over my half-sleeved, off the shoulder top. Do not forget your favourite sunnies, comfortable shoes (which I clearly failed to note myself), and ample of sunscreen if you are planning to stay outdoors for a long period of time. Make sure to also bring your appetite because there is so much to try in such a small area!

Three days in Québec City was definitely not enough to explore its entirety, but enough to get a taste of it. Its culture is so rich, its people diverse and the food, simply amazing. I am to return again this weekend for a day and I cannot wait to uncover a little more of what this city has to offer.

Photography by Ria Al-Allawee and Raiza Vasquez

First outfit
Cami: Thrifted from Erin Templeton// Culottes: Anthropologie (similar here)// Espadrilles: Nanette Lepore

Second outfit
Off the shoulder: H&M (similar here)// Shorts: Club Monaco (similar here)// Boots: Kensie//
Sunnies: Ray-Ban// Bolo Choker: Inner Wolf Jewelry

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