The Remorse for Early Dismissal

June 30, 2017

If you must know, I despised writing. So what changed?

If you asked me 6 years ago as to how much I loved writing, I didn’t. Sat in my Language Arts course, a cloud of 70 suspended over my head, haunting me with the thought of ruining my chances to university admission. Note that I was also half day dreaming about shoes or concocting my next attempts of accidentally bumping into my high school crush.

Growing up, I always excelled far greater in maths and the sciences. Reading felt like a chore, and my writing, forced. Having been accustomed to an education system that placed greater importance in more subjects than others, I was subconsciously hypnotized to uphold the same mentality; that the arts was worthy of lesser praise and solely a requirement asked for in formalities.

The remorse for early dismissal regarding this taboo was when university hit. University has taught me lessons beyond the classroom; it gave me a chance to explore, understand and find myself (as much as it irks me to mention such clichés).

Long story short, it changed my outlook in the arts. I have completely abolished the maths and sciences from my choice of career, and taken the challenge of catching up in this late calling.

Through this blog, I can confidently attest to my growing love for the arts: writing, reading and the visuals. From simple, yet the most gratifying, commentaries from family and friends to collaborations that I’ve been sought out for, it has helped me to finally and increasingly become appreciative of the arts. I am constantly happy and rewarded by all the opportunities it presents, and it couldn’t be more true this morning.

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a content writer for Canadian Affair, asking to contribute and comment about Canadian fashion. Despite my already hefty schedule at school, I couldn’t let this pass and more than willingly agreed. I am grateful at how much of my contribution was incorporated into the article, not to mention I’m the ending quote! I cannot help but feel blessed. Read it here!

Photography by Rainer Jay Dalton

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