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Eternally a Work in Progress

April 6, 2017

I wake to the daily routine of my eyes fixated at the screen as I scroll through the updates that I’ve missed during my few hours of sleep. I am well aware of such terrible habit, but in this digital age, it cannot be disputed that this has become the source of news for many. Though we cannot always rely on such means as not everything should be believed as we see it presented. Mixed feelings stir and settle as I go through my feed of articles of varying degrees of legitimacy; though the sentiment of frustration and slight aggravation augmented as I witness the proposition that I apparently have a psychological problem as this article tried to argue (or the lack thereof).

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Spontaneous Act of the Month: Hair Tattoo

October 9, 2016

I’m always indecisive and prefer spontaneity; no planning and always just go, go, go! I think it’s more exciting that way. So yesterday, it just so happens that Hana had an opening for haircuts and after 5 minutes of serious contemplating, I gave the salon a call and found myself in her chair an hour later asking for an undercut & a little more: a hair tattoo. I’m so in love with it, she just gets me! Thanks Hana (oh, and congratulations on obtaining your license)! Check out her Instagram here and if you’re ever up for a cool haircut or colour, definitely give her a call at RedBloom, their Bridgeland location.

Now, all this called for a little vanity. A call for help with makeup from my sister Kristine, half an hour of taking self-timed photographs and staying up until 2 a.m. to edit, et voilà!

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