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4 in The 6

August 18, 2017

Four days in Toronto was one, crazy ride and exhaustion had no place for it. Named as the New York version of Canada (only cleaner and inhabited with nicer people), I couldn’t agree more with this truth. Busy 24/7, morning streets were filled with swarms of tourists and working locals, while nights called for a thriving club scene that could cost you cover of $50. Though there was peace to be found in this hectic city; from less explored destinations to comfortable spaces, occupied by both new and old friends. This first visit was definitely one for the books and I can’t help but thank the people who welcomed me warmly through it!

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Kitten Heels ft. FSJ Shoes

July 6, 2017

Short girls like myself are always need in of a little help in the height section, but we all know that wearing high heels is not the most comfortable. Lucky for us, kitten heels exist where we don’t have to sacrifice style and continue to fool others that we are that much taller. A little goes a long way.

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