Hiking: Polaroid Edition

August 16, 2016
Lake Louise

To minimize the weight I have to carry on my back, I decided to leave the DSLR at home and pray that I use the right settings and angles for Polaroid shots. Out of 11, only two were wasted. Not too terrible, I suppose.

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Perversion of Subjectivity

August 12, 2016

Gather data of important numbers
Counting differences and making charts
Compete against the stupidity of a paleontologist
That is
Perversion of subjectivity:
Contending with what is natural
Pulse forced to a halt
And defeating the purpose of a smile
To create a stone cold illusion.
Prison bars built through imagination
Content, though not happy
Shut in from fear
Of the blind future.
On this ground, you stand
Withholding greater power
Woman, equality is here
Support is of no use
Without action;
The Lion is no role model
And valiance begs escape
Why resist chance
When chance exists
And stop questioning
The obvious.

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Nerd Alert: Pokémon Go & Slytherin

July 25, 2016

As if our attachment to our phones is not intimate enough, the launch of Pokémon Go has proven me wrong. To have had a moment of consideration in increasing my current phone network’s revenue by enabling data was quite a difficult rejection to make; not that I have the money to fund my growing obsession with the virtual world anyways. Talking about money, Pokémon Go has actually saved me some.

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